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Retail Store Shelving

Retail Shelving
Retail Store Shelving
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Retail Shelving Dividers

Dividers and Fences available for Streater, Madix, and Lozier Shelving

Retail Shelving DividersConstructed of an all steel wire frame 3/16" thick with horizantal struts 3/32" thick.

Designed to neatly organize and manage all types of items and retain items from falling off of a shelf.

Retail Store Dividers are very popular for binning small items on a upper shelf. Can be used for all sorts of applications such as candy, chips, hardware binning, etc..

Simply attaches to an upper shelf and base shelf with clips on the feet of the fence or divider. The typical attachment on a shelf utilizes the small homes on the front and back of the shelf usually one inch on center.

We also have front fences available that will span the entire length of the upper shelf in either 24 inch long, thirty inch long, thirty six inch long, and fourty eight inch lengths that will accomodate most any upper shelf.




Wire PMF Front Fences


The Wire Truss PMF Front attaches to either the Madix or Lozier Standard Base or Upper Shelf, and it serves as an option for shelf retainers and wire fronts. The Wire Truss PMF Front attaches into the shelf perforations using the supplied pine cone clips.


It offers product retention while affording a high-end look throughout the area of the store. The 7/8" tall WTPMFF may complement Madix Wire Truss Shelves, which also have the "zigzag" wire pattern.

WTPMFF Available for 3' Wide & 4' Wide Sections  $14.80 each


Retail Shelving Dividers