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Retail Store Shelving

Retail Shelving
Retail Store Shelving
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Retail Shelving Units

Retails Shelving UnitsAvailable in standard widths of 3' wide or 4' wide sections, 24" and 30" by special order. Heights from 36" high to 96" heights.  Next is to choose a upper and base shelf depth.  Shelf depths are available in sizes from 12" deep to 30" depths.

Retail Shelving Units are made of wood and steel components.  The structural support components such as uprights, base shoes, and shelves are made of steel.  The back boards are made of wood.  The backboards are available in either Pegboard, Hardboard, Slatwall, Gridwall, and Plexiglass.

The covers are made of steel and plastic.  The base shoe cover is made of steel and is used to cover the base shoes on both sides of a single sided or double sided shelving unit, the top cover is also made of steel and is used to cover the top of the shelving unit fitting over the backboards, and the upright cover is made of plastic.  The upright cover fits over the uprights on both sides of a on both sides of a single sided or double sided shelving unit or shelving units.

Retail Store Shelving Units are available in a single sided units and double sided shelving units. Single sided shelving units are are usually placed against a wall to optimize merchandising space and double sided sections are considered island sections that are usually placed on the merchandising floor of a store to divide the store into sections and optimize merchandising space in a store.

Double Sided Units. The double sided unit, shelving is on both sides of the unit. Typically placed in the more center portion of a store and used as what is called and island type display.

Single Sided Units The single sided unit, shelving is on one side of the shelving units. Generally placed up against a wall and the wall provides the support needed so the fisture does not tip backwards. Also used as a End Cap in a double back configuration.

Request a Shelving Quote

What we need to know in order to properly send you an accurate gondola shelving quote is:

  1. We need to know if you need Double Sided Shelving or Single Sided Shelving.

    Single Sided Shelving

    Single Sided Shelving

    Double Sided Shelving

    Double Sided Shelving


  2. We need to know the over all length of each of your double sided shelving aisles or single sided wall shelving aisles.

    Aisle Length

  3. We need to know the height of each of your Gondola Shelving Aisles.

    Gondola Height

  4. We need to know the base width of your lower shelf.

    Base Depth

  5. We need to know the depth of your upper shelves and how many upper shelves you need.

    Upper Shelf Depth

  6. We need to know the City, State, & Zip Code of where you need your new shelving shipped to:

    City, State, & Zip Code

Once you have compiled all of this information click here or please call 800 619 9566.